Integrating a Portlet into AEM on JBoss Application Server

Integrating a Portlet into AEM on JBoss Application Server Deploying a portlet into AEM is very simple, but you need to add a jar into a shared location of JBoss Application Server which is the tricky part. CQ Portlet Component – After unwrapping AEM jar file, you will see “” file at “/crx-quickstart/opt/portal” location. The […]

Starting AEM 6.0 with MongoDB

Starting AEM 6.0 with MongoDB   Configurations on the MondoDB side – Download MongoDB and unzip it to some directory (I did it in c:\mongo) – create two additional folders data and logs in parallel to \bin. (c:\mongo\data & c:\mongo\logs)         – create a configuration file with name mongod.cfg and include the […]