Installing AEM on JBOSS Application Server

Installing AEM on JBOSS 7.1.1


Installing JBOSS server

  – Download JBOSS 7 from

– Once you download it, unzip the zip file to a directory. For e.g., c:\jboss\

– Go to bin directory (e.g., c\jboss\bin) and click on standalone.bat file to start the JBoss server.

By default JBoss is installed on 8080 port, hit http://<hostname>:<port> to check if Jboss server has started successfully.

On the JBoss start page, click on the “Administration Console” link to go to the Admin console. If you’re unable to see the admin page and if it is prompting you to run some commands then run the following command.







After executing the above commands you should be able to access Administration console.

Deploying AEM war file to JBoss server

Download AEM war file from Daycare site.

– To set the context root of the AEM to rename the war file. For e.g., if you want to access AEM as http://localhost:8080/aem56, then rename the war file to aem56.war.

– Open the Administration Console on JBoss server, click on the Deployments >> Manage Deployments then click on “Add Content” button, browse the aem war file and save it and enable it.








– Check the JBoss startup console to see the installation of AEM as an application in JBoss.

– After couple of minutes access http://<hostname>:<port>/<contextroot> (e.g., http://localhost:8080/aem), you will be prompted to enter license information.

– Once you enter the license information, you will be navigated to a login page where you can login using admin/admin credentials.

The installation of AEM on JBoss is complete. Now, you can access all the URLs of CQ as you access the standalone application but the difference will be the context root. Please see some example urls below:


CRX – http://localhost:8080/aem/crx/explorer

Web Console – http://localhost:8080/aem/system/console

CRXDE – http://localhost:8080/aem/crx/de



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