Starting AEM 6.0 with MongoDB

Starting AEM 6.0 with MongoDB


Configurations on the MondoDB side

– Download MongoDB and unzip it to some directory (I did it in c:\mongo)

– create two additional folders data and logs in parallel to \bin. (c:\mongo\data & c:\mongo\logs)






– create a configuration file with name mongod.cfg and include the following configurations:








– Start mongoDB with the following command:



– Check logs of the mongo DB, it should start with the options that you’ve provided in the configuration file.

Now, The MongoDB is up and running. Let’s see AEM configs now:


AEM 6.0 Configurations

– Unpack the AEM 6.0 jar with the following command:




– Open Start.bat file in \crx-quickstart\bin\start.bat( attached here start, rename the file to start.bat, or copy paste the content of the attached file to your start.bat) and include the attached file. Please note that you can modify start.bat file as per your need but please make sure of the two entries:

1. Run mode: “author,crx3mongo”

2. JVM Argument entry: -Doak.mongo.uri=mongodb://localhost:27017

– Start AEM instance using start.bat file and wait until the instance starts. It took me 33 mintues to start the instance.

– Check logs in AEM and mongo db to see the entries related to mongoDB (in aem) and AEM (in mongoDB).

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