Sightly + Sling Models Amazing Combination

I’m very impressed with Sling Models, they provide easy and very effective binding mechanism. The combination of Sightly and Sling Models is simply superb. It has made the developers life very easy. Here is a simple example of retrieving the multifield values using Sling Models and Sightly. The screen shot below shows the node structure […]

AEM i18n not working

If you added/deployed i18n to your project and if it is not getting picked up, then you need to restart your AEM server. Also, I’ve observed that in AEM 6.0, whenever you add/deploy a new language node, you need to restart the server in order for it to work. This is a known issue and […]

AEM Project creation with Lazybones

We used to create the AEM projects using the old Maven archetype which has many issues and not easy to customize. With the help of ACS commons there is a new way of creating the AEM projects which is easy, includes the default config options and also provides an option to include the ACS commons […]